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Samsung Transform Review.
  mettle Date: Thursday, 06.10.11, 16:34 | Message # 1

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Ok Lets start out

The samsung transform Ill call it the trans or the transform from here on out.
The transform has a qwerty keyboard and 3.5 hvga display also packs a 3.2mp camera and a front-facing vga camera. It carries a 800MHz processor. along with wifi and gps.

The phone is quite light even with the qwerty keyboard weighing in at 5.37 oz or 152 grams.
Resolution is 320 x 480 pixels not to small not to big.
Memory 256 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM

Enough with about the phone

heres what i think.

As a new android user. I felt that the transform was a great starter phone. Im not much of a game person so I really don't play games on it. but when I do they play pretty fine (some lag here and there from texts/Pandora etc) The transform is rooted with android 2.2.2 and has a ported version of Clockwork mod recovery. Currently Running EF09 ( a update that sprint never released because it had problems with the market) this is a lowend android phone at best. i have itouch that can run more then the transform can. That's pretty sad. This is my primary android phone even though i have the htc evo shift running gingerbread. When rooted you can Wifi tether. install roms themes mods. rooting this phone can be a bit scary but if anyone else here has this and wants it rooted I sure can post how.

as a overall rating i give it a 6.5 out of 10
the phone uses what it has really well and with root it just makes it so much better.
Forum »   Android zone » Cellphone reviews » Samsung Transform Review.
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