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Playing Movies on Nokia N8
  B3ST Date: Thursday, 27.01.11, 19:34 | Message # 1

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Hey there, i wan´t to apologize, i didn´t found a Threat where to post this.

Well my problem is that i can´t find a program that does convert a HD movie, like Blue Ray (.mkv) quick enough. My other problem is i don´t know the optimal settings to convert a movie for my N8, in the description it say´s

Streaming: H.264, Flash Lite 4 (Flash 10 compatibility for video), On2 VP6, Sorenson Spark

I have tried with total converter to convert from a mkv to mp4 h.264, but i don´t know if it´s corect, or the resolution and so on. More than this it never finished, its like 2 days of converting for a full HD movie.

I need an opinion for a program or maybe other settings. I just wan´t to watch movies on my N8 with the quality it has. Would be cool if it could play directly .mkv files so i can connect via HDMI to the TV and watch it Full HD, but just kiding.

  redpepper007 Date: Monday, 31.01.11, 06:39 | Message # 2
"Chuck Testa!"

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I gave no idea... maybe someone else has

  ASS95 Date: Sunday, 13.02.11, 03:12 | Message # 3

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1. Check on http://www.gsmarena.com which screen resolution you have.

2. Open that Convert Programm and search your screen resolution or if there is the oportunity to type it on your own then type

your in.

3. If there is an oportunity to control the convert speed set it to the fastest.

PS: This is only a theory, but it should work and you have to think that the faster convert speed you have that the quality of

video will be more worse.

  king17 Date: Monday, 14.11.11, 22:56 | Message # 4

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well N8 plays HD that means 1280x720 well i think its clear.
Mkv.files dont work on N8 they have a big bibrate my opinion or is not supported and is no official release of a Mkv or video player working on N8.DONT THINK OF CORE PLAYER PECAUSE ITS NOT WORKING.
My advice:
just download HD movies,maximum 1.5 GB i think(the last movie i play FAST FIVE BR RIP 720p) a course when you rewind it a bit laggy but in 2,3 seconds dissapear..
I think i was clear happy
Forum »   Symbian zone » Other problems support thread » Playing Movies on Nokia N8
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