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How to crack LCG apps (except Profimail)
  redpepper007 Date: Sunday, 09.10.11, 22:37 | Message # 1
"Chuck Testa!"

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This method can perfect the Cr @ ck software X-plore

The tools needed:

1. X-plore Version 1:43 downloaded from the home page of the LCG
2. X_plore_kg_3rd key generator
3. V1.30_V3 FP1_FP2 sorcerer V5.sis
Sorcerer_MR v1.30_For N73.sis

Video Guide

Detailed instructions with pictures:

Uninstall all versions of X-plore installed

Install sorcerer
Machine lock installation created X_plore_kg_3rd
Install download from LCG X-plore

Sorcerer's first run, on the Hot Key to select the hot keys for the program (here vothien selecting Call)> Do not exit sorcerer

Run X-plore, press Call to move on and do like the sorcerer

X_plore_kg_3rd get back to using the key and register X-plore

After X-plore registration is not successful exit program

Call to continue to press the sorcerer and continue to follow the

Change the whole value by -2 (press * key twice will sign "-")
 for all by clicking OK on each line

After changing back to finish and exit X-plore

In re X-plore you've got the full version forever


Sorcerer v1.30_V3 FP1_FP2 V5.sis
Sorcerer_MR v1.30_For N73.sis
X-plore from Homepage


Forum »   Symbian zone » Tutorials | How to » How to crack LCG apps (except Profimail)
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