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Turn your Nokia N70 into Nokia N70 Music Edition
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You do it at ur own risk. The method is risky and may cause hard to ur device. We r not responsible for any kind of problem, hard made to ur device. Again, u go at ur own risk. If u don't agree, please stop reading and leave it.

This tutorial will tech you to convert ur standard n70 music edition to music edition or even music edition to standard edition.
*USB provided with your phone
*NSS =  Click here
*Nokia Software Updater = Click here
*Latest Firmware available for ur phone = Click here

Install NSS
Install NSU
Connect your phone and wait for Windows to install the drivers.
Open NSS and click on “Scan for new device” on the right-upper part of the window
Click on the icon « Phone info »
Click on “Scan”
Now you can change the Std n70 code to ME code(provided below) product code (on the right of the « phone info » window of NSS). And then mark the case “Enable”.
Now press “Write”, and your phone’s product code will be changed (you might think that nothing happened, because the phone is still in normal mode, and the changing of the product code only takes a couple of seconds, but don’t worry, the product code changed !).
Close NSS and you can proceed now with the NSU flashing.
When the flashing with NSU is over, start-up your phone and you’ll have the pleasant surprise that your phone’s firmware is the latest Nokia branded firmware in date!

NOTE: I advise you to disable any antivirus and firewall on your PC during the flashing.

N70 RM-84 Music Edition:

0536418 Euro-1 / Music edition
0539211 France / Music edition
0539212 ALPS / Music edition
0539213 Euro-2 / Music edition
0539214 Turkey / Music edition
0539216 South Africa / Music edition
0539218 Scandinavia / Music edition
0539221 Baltian / Music edition
0539222 Russian / Music edition
0539224 Ukraine / Music edition
0539226 CIS, Bulgaria / Music edition
0539229 Hun, Czech, Slov / Music edition
0539232 Balkans / Music edition
0539233 Greece/Cyprus / Music edition
0539237 Lebanon / Music edition
0539240 GULF / Music edition
0539242 Israel / Music edition
0539243 Romania / Music edition

޲ 27-Mar N70 Music Edition RM-84 APAC codes
0539266 Apac1
0539272 Philippines
0539273 Australia
0539353 New Zealand
0539275 Indonesia
0539276 India, Vietnam
0539270 Thailand


0524113 Taiwan / Stainless Silver & Black
0524114 Taiwan / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524115 Hong Kong / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524116 Hong Kong / Stainless Silver & Black
0524117 APAC1 / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524118 APAC1 / Stainless Silver & Black
0524119 Philippines / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524120 Philippines / Stainless Silver & Black
0524122 Australia, New Zealand / Stainless Silver & Black
0524123 Australia, New Zealand / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524124 Thailand / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524125 Thailand / Stainless Silver & Black
0524126 Indonesia / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524127 Indonesia / Stainless Silver & Black
0524128 India, Vietnam / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524129 India, Vietnam / Stainless Silver & Black
0534652 India, Vietnam / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0534654 Indonesia / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0534677 Thailand / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0534678 Philippines / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0534687 Apac-1 / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0534699 Australia, New Zealand / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh


Note : I have not tested it as I dont have a Nokia N70. but it has been reported working !

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