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Simple Hack to Turn Nokia N73 to Nokia N73 Music Edition
  redpepper007 Date: Friday, 07.10.11, 14:26 | Message # 1
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Please Note that changing your phone's product code is risky. In some cases, the phone may not run. You do it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any kind of harm, problem made to your phone.

For all those who bought a Nokia N73 might be really kicking after Nokia release the Music Edition of the N73. But there is little trick that will get you through and take advantages of the Nokia N73 Music Edition. Nokia N73 Music edition is not much different from the original N73, its only the firmware that is marginally updated to make it music edition. Lets first check what is expected from a new Nokia N73 Music Edition:

1. Idle Screen with cool clock!

2. Main Menu (Check out the Music Icon)

3. Default Themes

4. Music Player with Album Art

5. Music Player audio settings

6. Music Player Visualization - Oscilloscope

7. Music Player Visualization - Spectrum

You should be aware if you perform this hack its going to voids warranty of your phone. If that happens Nokia won’t take any liabilities for that.

Enough of talking lets get into the dirty work.

Lets First you gono need to download Nemesis ServiceSuite and the latest Nokia Software Update.

   1. Connect your phone and wait for the Windows to install the drivers.
   2. Open Nemesis Service Suite and click “Scan for new device” on the right-upper part of the window
   3. Click on the icon “Phone info”
   4. Click on “Scan”
   5. Change the product code to 0539343 and mark the case “Enable”.
   6. Press “Write”, and your phone’s product code will be changed (you might think that nothing happened, because the phone is still in normal mode, and the changing of the product code only takes a couple of seconds, but don’t worry, the product code changed !).
   7. Close Nemesis Service Suite and run the Nokia Software Update.
   8. Make sure not to touch the cable or the phone while your phone is updating or else you will break it!

9.That’s it! When you restart your phone, it should now be the Nokia N73 Music Edition!


Now lets rock with the Nokia N73 Music Edition. Happy hacking.

Note : As I don't have a Nokia N73, so this has not been tasted by me.

Forum »   Symbian zone » Tutorials | How to » Simple Hack to Turn Nokia N73 to Nokia N73 Music Edition
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