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Change your Operator Logo
  redpepper007 Date: Friday, 07.10.11, 12:00 | Message # 1
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Hello there everyone, today we're going to learn how to change your operator logo on your S60v3. There was another tutorial by NightShift79, but it was using another method. I just thought I would add my version of how to accomplish the task.

First of all, what you need:
1) A hacked S60v3 mobile phone
2) A working SIM card as this doesn't work in Offline mode. (Not 100% tested)
3) Operator Logo Changer 1.20a (Attached)

Okay, so here we go:

1) Change your phone's date to 5/03/2008.

2) Install Operator Logo Changer 1.20a

3) Create a .bmp file. This will be your operator logo. Its resolution depends on your screen size. Here is a list to help you:

For 240*320, the image will be 134*35 .
For 176*208, the image will be 97*25 .
For 352*416, the image will be 194*50 .

I have tested this with a BMP file of 24-bit depth. Transparency is currently not
supported, but there are ways around it.

4) Send the file to your phone. You can store it in the Images folder.

5) Open OpLogo Changer 1.20a, then click on Change Operator Logo. A menu will appear
in which you will choose the file you made earlier on. The application will ask you
to restart to see the changes. Do so in order to see your new operator logo.

6) After restarting your device, you can change back your date settings. And remember, every time you need to change your operator logo, you will have to change your date back to 5/03/2008. This is because the application is beta and expires in April 2008.

And finally, the end result:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me

And also, if you used this tutorial and it worked for you, please do post your

Attached Files
File Type: zipOPLOGOCHANGER002A.RootSiGNED.zip (26.1 KB)

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