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[HOT] Windows 3.1 on Nokia 5800 etc s60v5
  redpepper007 Date: Friday, 07.10.11, 11:58 | Message # 1
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Ever wondered how powerful your phone is? Well, Nokia 5800 has a RAM and CPU that exceeds the first computer that I had used back in the early 90's...

I was able to run Windows 3.1 successfully on my Nokia 5800 and I am so happy about it that I am actually going to share the recipe with you all. This procedure was already shared by others on other threads (like http://www.imserba.com/forum/showthread.php?t=125592) (better than this), but they did not tackle the 'no physical keypad' problem of 5800.

Try out this on your own risk. I have just shared what I did to get this done.

  • Hacked Nokia 5800 with latest firmware (v21.0.25) - haven't tested in older firmwares or unhacked phones.
  • X-Plore 1.31 (recently released in the site of lonely cat games, kindly Google it to get it) - good for doing all the file manupilations

Files you need:
Essentials Package - http://uploading.com/files/aa5423bc/Win3.1%20on%20S60v5%20Essentials%20Package.rar/
Windows 3.1 files - http://uploading.com/files/cd734a25/Data.zip/

Ingredients: (All of the following stuffs are available in the linked package except Windows 3.1 files which is available from the 2nd link)
  • DosBox (including all its dependencies)
  • Windows 3.1 files
  • Virtual Keyboard for Nokia 5800

  1. Extract everything from the package and copy it to a sutiable directory in your memory card (preferably in 'Others' directory).
  2. Install all the .sis & .sisx files (glib.sis, pips_nokia_1_3_SS.sis, SDL-1.2.13-S60-2.3.4_armv5.sisx, ssl.sis, stdcpp.sis, stdioserver_s60_1_3_SS.sis) in the 'DosBox Dependencies' directory inside the package.
  3. Install dosbox.sisx (found inside 'DosBox' directory).
  4. Install wfvirtualkeyboard_0.9.4.sisx (this requires signing, even in hacked phones) from the 'Virtual Keyboard' directory.
  5. Copy the directory 'data' from the package and overwrite the 'data' directory found in your phone memory (C:\). In other words, you need to copy the two files from inside the 'data' directory in package to the 'data' directory in 'C:\data' ('data' directory in phone memory)
  6. Copy the 'windows' and 'calmira' directories from your the second package to the following location of memory card 'E:\dos\c\' (create the 'c' and 'dos' directories as required). Eventually making 'E:\dos\c\windows' and 'E:\dos\c\calmira' available to dos box.
  7. Start the Virtual Keyboard app from your phone menu and then DosBox app.
  8. Your the asterisk key (*) on your virtual keyboard to toggle between keyboard and mouse mode.

Use of certain keys in the virtual keyboard:
Cetner Key > Enter Key / Left Click
Arrow Keys > Direction Keys / Mouse Movement Keys
Right Soft Key > ESC Key

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