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How to Theme android phones!
  mettle Date: Friday, 07.10.11, 17:18 | Message # 1

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This tutorial is assuming that you have a custom recovery already on your phone

Pick up some tools:
3)Stock deodex theme template
5)An already themed theme

Next you will create folders, I have set mine up on my desktop because it is easiest for me so this is how I will explain it throughout the rest of this tutorial.
1)Create a folder on your desktop called ANDROID THEMES.

2)Inside that folder create two folders:
NOTE for A) if your wanting to theme more than one phone then you will just create another folder inside of your ANDROID THEMES folder and name it to whatever the phone is. For me I have four folders inside of my ANDROID THEMES folder and they are: EPIC, HERO, MOMENT, TRANSFORM
(NOTE for B) this is where you will put your already themed theme that you picked up on your tools list. You will be using this as a refrence in case you dont know what "png" you need to modify. It always helps to look at somebodys that has theirs done.

3)Inside of the TRANSFORM folder cerate three more folders:

4)Place a copy of the STOCK DEODEX THEME TEMPLATE in all of them:
ORIGINAL this is your "master" copy so you will never mess with this!!! This is put in place so just in case you screw up and something goes wrong/which it will just count on it then you have a backup.

MODIFIED this is where you will be doing most of your work throughout this tutorial.

FINAL this is where the finished product will be when done.

5)Inside of the "MODIFIED" folder right click and choose "extract here" from your WINRAR options note WINRAR icons look like three books bound together.

6)Once extracted there will be 3 files:
7)Create a 4th file and name it "FRAMEWORK". NOTE this is in all caps because there is another "framework" file inside of the "system" folder which is all lower case. You do this so you don't get confused.

8)Now double click the "system" folder and inside it are 2 folders:

9)Double click the "framework" folder and inside it are a bunch of java files. Look for the file named "framework-res" NOTE it should have a 7ZIP icon next to it if you have downloaded 7ZIP like instructed.

10)Select "framework-res" and right click, choose "copy".

11)Back out and go to your "FRAMEWORK" folder you created and "paste" your copied file in there.

12)Highlight "framework-res" and right click, scroll down to 7ZIP. There will be a list of options. Choose "Extract Here". Once extracted there will be 3 files:

13)Double click "res". Inside there is a bunch of folders, so for this tutorial we are going to change the color of the "STATUS BAR".

14)Double click "drawable-mdpi". Inside there there is a bunch of "png" files. NOTE These are the graphics that you see on your phone. Scroll down almost to the bottom and there will be a "png" called "statusbar_background.9"

15)Open up "Gimp". Then drag the "statusbar_background.9" png over to "Gimp".

16)On the "Toolbox" bar select the "paintbursh" then double click on your color pallet that is in the middle.The "Change foreground" dialog box will pop-up. Pick your color then click "OK". Paint the "png". Once done click "File" on the "GIMP" toolbar then select "Save". ***NOTE*** You will notice that the "png" will be saved to your new color. Close out "GIMP".

17)Inside your "FRAMWORK" folder double click the 7ZIP "framework-res" file. A 7ZIP window will pop-up. Highlight "res" right click choose "Delete".

18)Then go back to your "FRAMEWORK" folder and drag the "res" folder over to the 7ZIP pop-up window. Then close it out.

19)Now copy the 7ZIP "framework_res" file.

NOTE If you want to check to make sure that the modified "statusbar_background.9" png is in there then just double click on the 7ZIP "framework-res" file in the "FRAMEWORK" folder, then select "res" then "drawable-mdpi" then find "statusbar_background.9". Double click on it, "GIMP" will open up with your modified png.

19)Now go to the "FINAL" folder you created and open it up and double click on the "STOCK DEODEX THEME TEMPLATE"

20)"WINRAR" will open up there will be 2 files:
Double click "system", then double click "framework". Inside there is a bunch of "JAVA" files. Scroll down to "framework-res.apk" and delete it. Then paste in the one that you just copied.

21)Close out "WINRAR" and right click and rename it to what ever you want.

22)Your finished now transfer it to your phone and flash it through recovery.
Forum »   Android zone » Tutorials | How to » How to Theme android phones!
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