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Main » N-Gage 2.0 troubleshooting
N-Gage 2.0 troubleshooting
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> Why do I get "Certificate Error" and I'm not able to install?

You need to sign any files before installing them (or hack your phone).
Signing tutorial -click here
Hacking tutorial -click here

> How can I back up my game progress, save data?

Always make a back-up of all the files and folder in ("C:\private\20007b39"). Then place it back again, overwrite, to bring it back. this is good when updating the N-Gage application or changing phones.

OR you could try to back-up these folders separately ("C:\private\20007b39"):

2000afb9 - System Rush: Evolution
2000afbb - Space Impact Kappa Base
2000afbc - Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep
2000afbd - Snakes Subsonic
2000afbe - Mile High Pinball
2000afda - EA SPORTS™ FIFA 08
2000afdb - Tetris®
2000afe3 - Asphalt 3: Street Rules™
2000afe5 - Block Breaker Deluxe
2000b4b3 - Brain Challenge™
2000afd9 - World Series of Poker® Pro Challenge
2000afde - Sims 2 Pets
2000AFE4 - Brothers in Arms
2000AFBA - Pro Series Golf
2000B4B2 - Midnight Pool
2000AFC0 - Bounce
2000AFC4 - Reset Generation
2000AFC3 - Jadestone Dirk Dagger And The Fallen idol

> I cant log in to n-gage arena anymore, it says "invalid player name or password"?

This is due to that your IMEI and some informations on your phone are also embedded on your account. Back-up all the files and folder in "C:\private\20007b39". Then place it back again. I don't think this will work when changing phones, because of the IMEIs conflict. You will need to "un-hook" your phone account to your IMEI, by asking for the administrator on the official N-Gage forum.

> I can't play the game that I want, it says "KERN-EXEC 3" or "USER-EXEC 3" or "Unable to start game (Error -6) or "Unable to start game (Error -18) error?

make sure, that you have done ALL steps correctly
restart your phone and try again
delete .cre file from: c/private/20001079.cre
turn rompatcher off
turn caps off

Also this is sometimes due to improper 20001079.txt placed on your phone or there is nothing placed yet. If your phone is Pre-FP1, use either the 20001079.txt for 3250, E70, N73, N93 / N93i, I prefer the one for N73. If your phone is FP1, use either the one for 6290, N76, N81, N95 / N95i / N95 PR2, I prefer the one for N81. If this doesn't work, it is sometimes caused by the different hardwares and softwares of the phone. Some phones can't play all the games (non N-Series and E-Series phones). Try asking on where you downloaded the game and see if they have a fix for this.

> Why am I having "System Error"?

Sometimes these are due to misnamed access points. Always check for it and access points should not have " ' " (apostrophe). Just to be sure, do not place any special characters on it.

> Why does it say "Out of memory" or ''Close some applications and retry starting the game. (Error - 1000002)"?

I suggest that you restart your phone before (not necessarily after) playing any N-Gage games. A fresh restart means -> fresher, cleaner memory RAM of the phone -> cleaner memory RAM, means faster phone response (loading). And N-Gage 2.0 takes a lot of RAM to start. This should also fix the error "Not enough memory". And make sure that there's no much applications eating your memory on the background. To close background applications just press and hold the [menu] key for about 2 seconds - a window pops up, now click [c] to close running applications. Try now!

> Can I update my profile and play on the arena?

You can set your N-Gage profile, update online, and play on N-Gage Arena. But I suggest not going to, keep in-mind that every software/application that is cracked is illegal, and some people are having problems with it.

> Can I have both cracked and legit games?

Yes, you can.

> Why can't I install a game that I want, it says "File Corrupted"?

If you've followed my tutorial, you won't have this kind of problem. Just make sure that you've followed everything CORRECTLY! And if you followed it, and this error appears, this is sometimes due to corrupted game file that you've downloaded, make sure you've downloaded it correctly, properly and is found working.

> Do I have to install N-Gage_Patch.sisx every time that I'll install a game?

No. You only have to install this once and this will work for all BiNPDA cracked N-Gage games.

> The extract N-gage file to PC button doesn't work?

The extract to pc button does not notify you if the file is already extracted, it is extracted at the same directory where you've opened the .exe game installer.

> Can I uninstall HelloCarbide after I'm done with it?

Yes, you can if you think you won't need HelloCarbide anymore.

> Will this work on other S60v3 phones? (Samsung, etc.)

Probably no, but you can try of course...

> Will this work on S60v2 phones?

Definitely, NO. The one important file here that let's N-Gage application run is the Symbian OS PIPS, that is only available for S60v3 phones. Saying that, it won't be able to run on S60v2 even if you repack it. Let's just hope someone could hack it. And the other thing is the RAM that N-Gage application eats, 10~20Mb RAM. As far as I know, the largest S60v2 RAM has is only 15~20MB of RAM, and that is N70. Still it won't work.


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07.12.11 | 00:30

> I can't play the game that I want, it says "KERN-EXEC 3"

turning off rompatcher solved the problem on 6120c, thx alot :)

28.09.11 | 02:47

is the caps switch avalable for nokia 5800 and 5230?
my device is 5230 and 5800..and i havent got that caps switch..
im thinking if it affects the game to not run...
is these posible??
they say they run the crash bandiccot racing and system rush..same unit as me
but why it doesnt run..please help..

27.09.11 | 08:56

can i just ask...
> I can't play the game that I want, it says "KERN-EXEC 3" or "USER-EXEC 3" or "Unable to start game (Error -6) or "Unable to start game (Error -18) error?

make sure, that you have done ALL steps correctly
restart your phone and try again
delete .cre file from: c/private/20001079.cre
turn rompatcher off
turn caps off <-----this line here...how can this be seen?


27.09.11 | 09:41

its an application, Caps ON OFF is the name of it :)

18.03.11 | 08:26

hi,i hacked my n 79 by following the tutorial as above then also my asphalt 3 is not working it shows error " unable to install game error code- 1" please help... :)

10.03.11 | 21:36

i tried to install brother in arms and it said "Unable to install game error -10147" help me please biggrin

22.02.11 | 16:28

When i wanna to starts game i cant there write kern exec 3 and user kern exec 3 error pls help i am disabled patch and caps PLSSSSS HELP i realy wanna to play this games :'( :'( :'( :)

21.01.11 | 23:19

I got 10147 on Brothers in Arms..I will hack the phone and then try again.

Matt Hoffmanz  
26.12.10 | 17:07

I have followed many tutorials, install all .sisx, .sis, patches, txt, exe and etc. all not working, games icon came out, but cannot install the games on e:/n-gage. Hope you can help me solve this problem.

Matt Hoffmanz  
26.12.10 | 17:04


Need help with my Nokia 6120c and E63, can't install .n-gage file, dont know why. When i try to install the game on e:/n-gage it says "Memory full" recently i've just format my phone and i have lots of memory left on my phone. Dont know why i cant install ngage in it. My Nokia 6120c version v04.21 and my Nokia E63 version v500.21.009. Please do reply me via email. Really need your help.

17.12.10 | 19:50

can i play n-gage games on my nokia e66????

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