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Main » How to Install and Play N-Gage 2.0
How to Install and Play N-Gage 2.0

[N-Gage 2.0 troubleshooting]

Just hack your phone - without doing it you will not be able to install N-Gage 2.0 application and later won't be able to install and play cracked n-gage games... if you need a tutorial ''how to hack your phone'' then click here. If your phone is already hacked then move to chapter II

[N-Gage 2.0 troubleshooting]

***Nokia 5800 / 5800XM users read this:***
This tutorial won't work for Nokia 5800/5800xm because this one is designed for phones that have keypad. But we have a solution - tutorial made specially for you - click here

To be able to install any of following files, your phone must be hacked.

Step 0 - "Downloading all needed files"

Just download this file: click here

Step 1 - "Installing the N-Gage application"

*If your phone already has N-Gage 2.0 installed (icon often called ''games'', uninstall it before installing this ngage)

Install N-Gage_1.01_Build_1281.sisx to your phone or memory card and ignore the warning that it is not compatible to your phone and some missing OS pipes.

Step 2 - "Installing the N-Gage Patch"

Just install Nokia_N-Gage_Patch.sis.

[N-Gage 2.0 troubleshooting]

You can skip this step if your phone is either 3250, 6290, E70, N73, N76, N81, N93 / N93i, N95 / N95i / N95 PR2

Some people find this step very difficult, especially inexperienced symbian users. But to be true - it is very easy! Just don't skip this step.*NOTE* If you do something wrong you will receive errors like ''couldn't open the game'' or ''error - x'' and because of that you won't be able to play games, so be careful. Let's start!

a) open folder "20001079.txt files" from archive you downloaded before
b) find archive named exactly as your phone model (if you own 6120c, then use 6120c.rar) and extract it. Do not touch other archives, because each phone has its own specific 20001079.txt file. *NOTE* If there isnt archive for your phone model, select other model that has the same screen resolution as yours, read more here: click here
c) install HelloCarbide.sisx to your phone, but don't open it now
d) make sure that correct 20001079.txt is copied to your phone (if it isnt then do it now using usb cable, bluetooth etc)
e) make sure that you have file explorer installed (Xplore, fexplore etc), if you don't have then install this X-Plore - click here
f) now open your file explorer and enable "show hidden files and folders" in menu
g) DO NOT EXIT but switch (press and hold the menu button) to your standby mode then open HelloCarbide. Press Options -> Menu1 -> Yes. If done correctly it will close itself. Now switch back to your file explorer. (You must not open any other application  than your file explorer).
h) copy the proper 20001079.txt to "C:\private\10202be9", but DO NOT OVERWRITE IF YOU ARE ASKED TO.
i) delete 20001079.cre file from "C:\Private\10202be9\persists\20001079.cre", if there isn't such file just ignore this step
i) now exit file explorer. Don't do anything else, just restart your phone now.

[N-Gage 2.0 troubleshooting]

Step 1 - "Installing the N-Gage AutoStart"
Just install N-Gage_AutoStart.sisx to your phone, ignore the "not compatible" warning.

Step 2- "Installing the missing Symbian OS Pipes"

Just install Symbian_OS_PIPS_v1.2.sis. If you get ''Update error'' then just skip installing OS pips because you already have them.

Congratulations, now you're done installing the N-Gage 2.0 application. Now have your own N-Gage 2.0 launcher application. But what good will it do if there are no games??? Now we're going to install the games...

[N-Gage 2.0 troubleshooting]

Step 1 - "Installing full games"

Just move on to next tutorial: click here



If you experience any problems, try other version of ngage application:

N-Gage Installer v.1.40.1557 Repack 20.01.2010
N-Gage 2.0 Installer v.1.40.1557 with colourful skin modded

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21.07.12 | 12:00

hey bro this ngage installer is giving error FILE CORRUPTED
plz upload new ngage installer or give another link plz plz

30.05.12 | 10:29

my phone is 5630 fp2 what is the proper 20001079.txt i must download
i already finish the steps but i used n73 file i think it is wrong file please hellllllllllllllllllp

03.05.12 | 16:20

I need help.
Than i try to play n-gage game its says: exided with an error!
More info says:
closed;KERN-EXEC 3.
What should i do pls sameone help me

12.03.12 | 05:03

i know the Phone OS just launched but Microsoft rlelay should allow people to be able to just right to a Page in an app instead of having to always scroll and also it doesn't allow you to know what is on the next page without going to it first for example on the Xbox live app when you first come into it you have no idea of what is coming on the next page until you scroll there and there should be a way of knowing what is on what page and a short cut to get there quicker than scrolling.

30.12.11 | 02:11

What 20001079.txt should i use for n97? I cant find the proper one for it...

30.12.11 | 14:15

anyone that has the same screen resolution as n97

16.12.11 | 16:39

kern exec3 occurs in n-gage games in nokia c6-00 help me

16.12.11 | 21:06

use troubleshooter (link is everywhere in this tutorial)

16.12.11 | 16:36

my phone is nokia c6-00 while trying to play fifa 8 or any games in n-gage it occurs kern exec3 how can i solve this pliz help me beg u

its me  
29.11.11 | 20:38

hmmm, thx v.much for replying,

u advice me to format my phone and hack it again by ur method gave to me ? and try again ngage tut. ?

and what's that default windows browser that can get the C drive ??

29.11.11 | 20:43

it's my account, i was registered b4, and now i will reply from it to prevent spamming in posts :)

i'm "its me" :p

29.11.11 | 21:49

yes, if you are not bothered by formatting ur phone (losing all apps, games etc files on it), then you could do it and hack with our method.

the default windows file browser is called ''explorer'' lol :D the regular browser you use to open any folder on pc haha :D

29.11.11 | 22:02

i know the explorer lol :D
i mean cant see the C:/ drive on the windows, just can read the memory storage.
then u advise me to hack my already hacked mobile ? can i do that in order not to loose my apps ?

29.11.11 | 22:26

well, try to hack already hacked phone lol :D

when connecting phone to pc, for usb mode choose ''mass storage'' instead of ''ovi suite''

29.11.11 | 22:37

oky i try :)
btw when i make it mass storage it show me the memory not the C drive of the mobile,
and the tut. asked to put the file in C: drive :-S
btw too, previously i made the tut. and worked, but now with my new hacking method it fails,
i try and tell u :P

its me  
29.11.11 | 05:38

maybe the hacking method making problems ?

btw my phone is 6120c, and the hacking method that of making zip file called .sys and such steps :-S

29.11.11 | 09:53

don't use ovi suite, just use the default windows file browser to access files (thats why you didnt see any hidden folders before despite the fact that hidden folders were enabled)

I also had a 6120c and this tutorial worked well for me. The best hacking method is found in the link i gave you a few replies below this one :D

its me  
29.11.11 | 02:23

yes sure enabled, but the pc suite not showing any system files by nature,

u know any other prog can i use on pc or even my mobile ?

i know im boring :D

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