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Norton Secutity Hack (Norton AV, RP+)
Symbian Hacked...again! Norton Secutity

You can't beleve this! 4th time
Symbian hack by Norton Security. By CODeRUS.

[Download all files in one archive] 800kb
1. Install NortonSymbianHack.sisx
2. Launch
3. Go Options- Anti-Virus - Quarantine list
4. Go Options - Restore, accept prompt
5. Exit application, delete from App manager (Symantec Symbian Hack). Also delete c:\shared\ folder.
6. Install RomPatcherPlus_3.1.sisx
7. Launch and apply patches:
- Open4all for full access to file system folders
- Installserver for installing any unsigned applications (if red cross - get installserver.exe here )
Set patches to auto if needed (Options - Add to auto)

Set patches to auto if needed (Options – Add to auto).

Norton Hack for symbian  Norton Hack for symbian  Norton Hack for symbian

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23.06.12 | 19:42

can u please show me on video, how to really do this sitio??? i dont even know how to launched pleas help...i dont know whre to exactly save the file of norton...please help me

17.06.12 | 07:35

I can't bleeive you're not playing with me--that was so helpful.

sharafat khan  
10.06.12 | 22:21

hy whn m going to install northn anti vires i got certificate error i have sony erricsson satio please help me

06.05.12 | 14:57

how to do step no 5? i don't get it at all...

14.03.12 | 09:34

norton is saying to register it :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

14.03.12 | 09:55

use the demo key

13.02.12 | 19:04

is installed the rompatherplus and it didn't work, so i uninstalled it and when i was installing it again it sayd "Certificate error. Contact the application vendor" or something like that, what i do?

14.03.12 | 09:54

you shouldnt have uninstalled it... :D now hack again

10.02.12 | 08:21

how to enable it we have a same problem only (Hack.CODeRUS.OS9x.A) is on the list

14.03.12 | 09:54

click on it

28.01.12 | 18:15

in quarantine list it shows only (Hack.CODeRUS.OS9x.A)
what to do?

29.01.12 | 15:03

enable it

sabiin thapa  
11.01.12 | 23:20

how to install installserver...I have n82...please help me those who sucessfully completed hacking from this method...

12.01.12 | 10:52

@sabiin, either move the installserver.exe to E:/sys/bin or take a look at this tutorial (better description, almost the same method (different antivirus)):

19.11.11 | 13:05

Why not hacked my 6120c in this method?

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