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Main » How to Hack any Nokia Phone (using NaviFirm+, Phoenix, RP+)
How to Hack any Nokia Phone (using NaviFirm+, Phoenix, RP+)
By following this guide you could loose the warranty.
In the worst case, you could even brick your phone.
Follow at YOUR OWN risk!

Free Flashing Support forum:

Prehacked firmwares (CFW's):
mixed list: click here
for s60v3/5:
click here
for Symbian^3: click here

To know before starting:
- This guide IS NOT INTENDED to let you change the Product Code.
- This guide IS NOT INTENDED to let you unbrand the phone.
- This guide IS NOT INTENDED to let you flash different fw versions.
- Its aim is ONLY to let you hack the phone keeping the same PC, brand and fw version that you have currently.

If you want to change the PC, you'll have to follow a guide to change the PC.
If you want to unbrand the phone, you'll have to follow a guide to unbrand the phone.
If you want to change fw version of the phone, you have follow a guide to change the fw version.
Is that clear enough?!

Needed Tools:
- A working brain (link not available)
- NaviFirm+ (direct download)
- Phoenix (2011.14.            004.45945      )
- RomPatcher+ (direct download)
- UDA Hacked for your phone and fw (you must get the UDA that has the very same name than what you see on NaviFirm+)
> Download 5230 - RM-588_21.6.005_001_000_U001.uda
> Download 5230 - RM588_40.0.003_001_001_U001.uda
> Download 5230 - RM588_40.6.003_001_000_U001.uda
> Download 5230 - RM588_50.0.001_000_000_U001.uda
> Download 5230 - RM588_50.6.001_000_000_U001.uda
> Download 5250 - RM684_30.0.002_000_000_U001.uda
> Download 5530 - RM-504_32.0.007_007_000_U001.uda - (created by Pissa)
> Download 5630 - rm431_013.009_U006.000_prd.uda
> Download 5730 - rm465_2001287.21U
> Download 5800 - RM356_50.0.005_002_U231.uda - (created by Ste-GasGas)
> Download 5800 - RM-356_52.0.007_026_000_U01.uda
> Download 6710 - rm491_031.022_U000.000_prd.uda
> Download 6720 - rm424_031.022_U001.000_prd.uda
> Download 6700 slide - rm576_071.004_UBlack007.000_prd.uda
> Download C5-00 - rm645_071.005_U000.000_prd.uda
> Download C5-03 - RM697_011_U001.uda
> Download C6-01 - RM-718_014.002_01.01_79.92_prd.uda
> Download C7-00 - RM-675_014.002_U01.01_79.92_prd.uda
> Download C7-00 - RM-691_020.037_313.01_TMO_US_79.92_uda
> Download E51 - rm244_41034001
> Download E51 - rm426_41134001
> Download E52 - RM469_052.003_U006.000_prd.uda - (created by suris)
> Download E52 - rm469_054.003_U006.000_prd.uda
> Download E6-00 - RM-609_021.014_U01.01_79.92.uda
> Download E7-00 - RM-626_014.002_U01.01_79.92_prd.uda
> Download E72 - rm530_071.004_U007.000_prd.uda
> Download E72 - rm530_071.004_U008.000_prd.uda
> Download N95 - RM159_31.0.002_039_U01_uda
> Download N96 - RM-247_30.033_100.1_prd.uda
> Download N97 - RM505_507_22.0.110_uda_1_001.uda
> Download N97 Mini - RM555_10.0.020_uda_16_001.uda
> Download N97 Mini - RM-555_30.0.004_uda_16_001.uda
> Download N8-00 - RM-596_011.012_U01.01_79.92_prd.uda
> Download N8-00 - RM-596_013.016_263_IT_CV.01_79.92_prd.uda
> Download N8-00 - RM-596_014.002_U01.01_79.92_prd.uda
> Download N8-00 - RM-596_014.002_263_IT_CV.01_79.92_prd.uda
> Download X6 - RM-559_30.0.003_001_000_U001.uda
> Download X6 - RM-559_32.0.002_001_000_U001.uda

If your phone is not available in this list, then you can create the hacked version by following the instructions containted in the spoiler below:
1) Use NaviFirm+ and download the UDA file of the firmware, making sure that you download the one related to your Product Code.
2) Open the UDA file using NokiaCooker (direct download)
3) Download the RomPatcher+ .zip archive and get only the patcher.ldd / patchershadow.ldd / patcherS3.ldd files that you found 
inside the \LiteVersion\ folder. 4) Insert the *.ldd files inside the \sys\bin\ and save the UDA You just created a fw Hacked, if you want to share your work with others, post it in the forum...

Free Flashing Support forum:

1. Launch Phoenix (with administrator rights) and select Tools > Data Package Download
Note down the path that you see in the field "Download path:" (*)
In the example image it is: "c:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\"
Make sure that the path exists, if it doesn't then you should create it.
Then close the window.

2. Launch NaviFirm+ and make sure that the "Parse VPL" option has been checked and that the "Nokia Care Suite" server has been selected.
Download the files of the original fw that you currently have on your phone.
Make sure that you download the files related to your Product Code and to your fw version and save them in the path that you noted down in the previous step (*) "c:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\RM-xxx\"
You have to create the "RM-xxx" folder (xxx changes from phone to phone, eg: for the Nokia N8 it is RM-596)
Note down the exact name of the UDA file that you can see in NaviFirm+

3. Now you should download the UDA hacked from the list at the top of this thread.
The UDA hacked must have the very same name than the one you noted down in the previous step, then save it in the path (*) "c:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\RM-...\"

NOTE: You don't have to rename any file!
If the UDA file that you need is not available in the list, you should create an UDA hacked by follwing the instructions contained in the spoiler.

4. Select Connections: NO CONNECTION in the upper left corner

5. Select the menu' File -> Open Product -> RM-xxx

6. Select the menu' Flashing -> Firmware Update and select your Product Code by pressing on the three-dots button "..."
Mark the option Dead Phone Usb Flashing

7. Press the Options button and in the new window you should remove the original MMC file (if existing) by pressing the Delete button

8. Press the Refurbrish button and in case that a warning message will appear, you should just ignore it and press Yes

9. Follow the instructions that will be shown on the screen...

10. After the flashing will be completed, install RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx

Now your phone has been fully hacked.

When you need to install unsigned files, apply the InstallServer patch.
When you need to access to system folders, apply the Open4All patch.

Free Flashing Support forum:

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17.06.12 | 07:21

I really shludon't do this buuuutttt ..go to UTorrent.com and get UTorrent. Next step is a bittorrent search engine like thepiratebay.org, torrentbox.com or torrentspy.com. Just put nokia in the search box since putting in nokia 6630 probably wont get many hits but you can try. Since the software and search sites are free it's easily worth a shot.Just download the .torrent file toss it into utorrent and let it download.As an extra, get peerguardian2 from phoenixlabs. It's a free app that'll help keep the law from peeping you while using P2P apps. Just install, update and run it with your downloads.

mohammed nasar  
10.09.11 | 20:26

what happens when it is hacked

10.09.11 | 21:23

you can install unsigned apps, games etc!

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