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Main » Hacking tutorial - second method
Hacking tutorial - second method

Only 2 steps for all S60 3rd,fp1,fp2 phones:

1. Sign and Install MapDrives.Unsigned.sis (there are no icon after install, it is normal)
2. Sign and Install, then run HelloOX.Unsigned.sis

HelloOX does all the rest for you!
Enjoy it!

FP2 users read this:

FP2 doesn't have a working installserver yet! However, ROMPatcher working on some of them.
If RomPatcher works, the ChangeSWIpolicyPath patch can let you install unsigned apps just like installserver did,
otherwise please sign your apps with leftup cert&key pair included in this package.

To install unsinged application on ur FP2 Phone follow this [Working on N96,N85,N79,5320]

Copy contents from ChangeSWIpolicyPath.rar to 

Run RomPatcher and apply ChangeSWIpolicyPath.rmp patch

What HelloOX2 does?

1. Map drive
2. Unpack hacking files to the virtual drive
3. Activate file system
7. Unmap drive
4. Install root certificate
5. Install RomPatcher+
6. Done!


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19.04.11 | 03:36

in my 5800xm always root cert. what i will do?

19.03.11 | 10:19

if it keeps unpacking do it manually. gotto the folder where it unpacked the files and mov the files to where they are surpossed to be. click on sis files to install them... i use nokia 6124c kept unpacking so i did mine manually ... i'm enjoying all apps now

23.02.11 | 08:27

red... can u step for me hack my nokia 5800XM?? please.. what should i do? help pls.. drink

02.02.11 | 13:59

Not sure if it works for me. I got fw 033.002 (phone is E52)and some say the only way to hack it is using flash. Will HelloOX2 work on my phone? Because I already signed and installed it, and its still "unpacking files". I know its a common issue, but will it work at least when i try it many times (despite my firmware version)? And how long does it take to unpack them, so I know it works? And do I have to restart my phone every time, even if i can simply cancel it?

14.12.10 | 14:07

NOT Working on N86!!
Hellox keeps unpaking files for ages.. restarted for like a 100 times!!

Any hope for latest firmwares such as N 86?? =,(

14.12.10 | 17:01

try other helloox versions

15.08.10 | 11:13

i hope this works..

03.07.10 | 18:32

well.. doen't work... HelloOx gets stuck att "Unpacking file" xD

atleast with my firmware and my 5630...

03.07.10 | 21:54

this is known issue with helloox; just try again and again until it passes that step tongue

09.07.10 | 13:00

even on the newest firmware?

Googled and found that it mignt not work at all with the Firmware... :P

13.06.10 | 14:29

hi guys, it's hello OX v2.04 work on my N5730? V2.03 won't work... sad

01.02.10 | 12:01

not working on my phone

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