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Main » Flash BB5 Phones In Dead U.S.B. Mode
Flash BB5 Phones In Dead U.S.B. Mode
I used this tutorial a few days ago to flash my N76 which was bricked due to a power outage while doing firmware update. My N76 would just turn on and off while beeping annoyingly. You can also use this to select a specific firmware version for download unlike NSU. It is highly advised to never downgrade your firmware. You will cry. sad

A dead BB5 phone
JAF cr@cked/patched
A USB data cable

Download Navifirm and J.A.F. :[url=][url=http://rapidshare.com/files/272698337/JAFSetup_1.98.62.rar]

NOTE: all old BB5 (uni-core processor) phones can be flashed in Dead USB mode, but only those new BB5 (multi-core processor) phones can be flashed in Dead USB mode which have their boot loader intact.
in many cases of new BB5 dead phones, the boot loader also gets corrupted.

These are some of the phones it has been tested on:
thanks to all the testers
6270 tested by JAF team
7370 tested by JAF team
3250 tested by JAF team
6085 tested by milly2
6125 tested by vmin81
6131 tested by EAET CLINIC
6233 tested by JAF team
6300 tested by JAF team
6280 tested by JAF team
5200 tested by JAF team
5300 tested by JAF team
5310 tested by vmin81
5610 tested by vmin81
6290 tested by JAF team
5700 tested by JAF team
8600 tested by JAF team
3110 classic tested by JAF team
6555 tested by vmin81
6120classic tested by The SAINT®
6110navigator tested by vmin81
6500classic tested by JAF team
6500slide tested by JAF team
5500 tested by Serlucifer
7390 tested by vmin81
7373 tested by vmin81
7900 tested by vmin81
E50 tested by vmin81
E51 tested by vmin81
7500 tested by ValisiuS
N76 tested by vmin81
N81 8gb tested by vmin81
3120c tested by vmin81
3600s tested by The SAINT®
6600 fold tested by The SAINT®
6124 classic tested by The SAINT®
6210 Navigator classic tested by The SAINT®
6600 slide tested by vmin81
7610 supernova tested by vmin81
E71 tested by The SAINT®
7210 supernova tested by The SAINT®
N96 tested by The SAINT®
N85 tested by The SAINT®
N79 tested by The SAINT®
3610 Fold tested by The SAINT®
5800 XpressMusic tested by The SAINT®
E66 tested by The SAINT®
6303 tested by The SAINT®
N86 tested by The SAINT®
N97 tested by The SAINT®
5730 SuperNova tested by The SAINT®
5530 XpressMusic tested by The SAINT®

First install and run navifirm. Choose your phone model, the product code(located under battery) and download your firmware.

NOTE: The firmware downloaded with above tool will be in the form of a folder with a few files in it, put that folder at C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\ if any of these folders do not exist, make them.

Secondly, install J.A.F. Run the JAF through the PKEY emulator (see picture below)

Adjust the settings as shown in the picture below, after you tick the use INI box, it will present a list (select your mobile) OR it will automatically choose the proper files for flashing. Select "Flash" and J.A.F. does its thing.
NOTE:: it is recommended that the phone be in normal mode (with SIM inserted)

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