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    uploaded by on 27.09.10 @ 08:29

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FOR NOKIA N8 AND OTHER SYMBIAN^3 DEVICES OR v5 (n97, 5800, vivaz...) !!!!1111!!!!!1!!!one!!!!111!!!


rar 160 mb

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Rating: 4.4/44

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05.11.10 | 23:05

I am sorry man, I also cant help you this time - I dont have Vivaz or Satio. Im sure somebody here will have a solution!

05.11.10 | 13:02

well this is the only site on the entire web where someone confirmed this game working on Satio,Vivaz.I tried everything on my Vivaz also but it does NOT start.is there someone to upload a video of the game working on Vivaz,Satio. and if so to explain what config he has on his smartphone.

05.11.10 | 18:02

OMG !!! PPL HAVE PLAYED THIS ON VIVAZ AND SATIO!!! WORKING ON MY FRIEND'S VIVAZ !!! If u ask one more time the same shit i will BLOCK THE COMMENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!

05.11.10 | 01:19

my firmware is the last one...the r2ak006...somebody with satio...what you do for play?

05.11.10 | 07:32

I don't have any of the supported phones. The problem is with your phone, that's for sure. The game has been confirmed to work on satio.

03.11.10 | 12:30

i try everything...restarting...signing...install but not start.somebody can help me!!!

03.11.10 | 19:16

i have no idea ... maybe wrong firmware .. i don't know. try talking with someone who has the same device and got it working.

02.11.10 | 00:17

Can any 1 help me ? i just downloaded this game which is unsigned version . I can't install this game on my nokia N8 as it says"certificate error". i also got "MyCert"(thru xstevedore chinese application) as i surfed many sites to get this game work. Just if any1 knows what to do on my N8(plz provide steps) so that it would work.ANY IDEAS sad

02.11.10 | 07:07

if u already have a cert then u need to sign the game. it is a tutorial for this on our site biggrin

30.10.10 | 13:09

it does not work on my Vivaz.it installs but doesn't start.
do you people really have the HD version working on Vivaz?
I had some laim java version of it working but HD for symbian doesn't work...
some info please?

30.10.10 | 17:38

try restarting the phone; maybe not enough RAM . the game has been tested and works on vivaz ,satio ,i8910.

28.10.10 | 15:00

hey Sabahan Boy, you have a satio like me but i can´t play. i install but don´t woks.i click in the icon but nothing hapened! how you do for play? help me please! thanks!

28.10.10 | 11:30

TK cry

21.10.10 | 18:52

Dead link fixed!

Sabahan Boy  
16.10.10 | 07:56

WoRk smootly and great on my unhack Satio smile ..Most HD games playable from Gt Racing Motor Academy- lets golf,ferrary GT 2, Rally Master Pro, SSX 3, Aspalt 4, Need For Speed Shift. I will find time to upload to youtube biggrin

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