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    uploaded by on 19.04.09 @ 19:48

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Hello Guys,
This Jukebox 2.41 really works as full. I tested it on my Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. So, don't tell that it's not working.

Enjoy !

Manage playlist - add, remove, delete, load or save, and more
10-band equalizer with manual adjustment or predefined presets
Sleep timer, switching off player after desired time. Fall asleep with music!


Search album art image on the Internet and view in built-in image viewer
Main player interface, including song info, album image, volume, seek bar, time, visualization and others Manage your favorite Internet radio stations

Search lyrics on the Internet
on many lyrics servers
Integrated file browser, allowing
you to add entire folders or individual tracks to the playlist
Watch lyrics as the song
is being played

Main features

* High-quality stereo playback
* MP3, AAC* and OGG music formats
* Internet radio streaming
* Fine volume control - 100 levels from silence to loudness
* Sleep timer letting you to fall asleep with your music
* 10-band equalizer with several presets
* Playlist editor - add, remove, save, load, order your songs
* Customizable colors
* Album image search on Internet
* Lyrics search and display
* Playback in normal or random order
* Mini mode displayed on phone idle screen


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29.04.09 | 17:07

biggrin cool

27.04.09 | 11:39

mine works fine... Many you can try to reinstall this app

27.04.09 | 11:42

Iv tried to reinstall, same error, i rolled back to 2.17, i get a blue screen, (which i fixed before) but cant fix again.

If i know where all the secret files are kept i can delete them all, but i cant find them on x-plore.

I can comfortably say this file messed up my ability to use Jukebox completely.

27.04.09 | 15:28

lol, moe biggrin this app works, I tested. Once (when long pressed menu key) i got the same error, but app works til now... u can use caps on/ caps off to browse private folder, where are all installed apps kept... but u must be extremely (no, reallyyyyy extremely) careful there!!!! wacko

27.04.09 | 17:09

pepz, i just held down the menu key, now my music folder has been deleted LOL!!!

Im going to reboot my phone. Give it an upgrade.

27.04.09 | 17:43

lol, ur phone is going mad... biggrin

30.04.09 | 19:31

Lmao @Bluescreen at something which is not vista :P:P:P

27.04.09 | 11:33

fair enough moe

27.04.09 | 11:32

"Application closed: lcg jukebox user 0"
That is the message i am getting.
Anyone else get this error?

27.04.09 | 11:22

calm down man! I didnt say that your link doesnt help! Did i? It would be good if you can give direct link to most important apps k

27.04.09 | 11:24

lol i am calm. actually i am calm right now, i got anger issues. ask my girl friend XD

27.04.09 | 10:44

30+ sec is not long lol... well this thing is ook, cant really download lyrics or whatever lol

27.04.09 | 10:58

Then im guessing your not a busy man.... watch when it makes you wait 99seconds, and then asks you to wait another 99seconds AGAIN.

Then dont come back and use the direct links i provide later.

24.04.09 | 14:20

fixed !

24.04.09 | 12:56

yea, Swagata, where did the link go? dry it was there, because i downloaded this... fix it please

24.04.09 | 12:13

hey..i don't know why...but i can't download this...it didn't have any link

20.04.09 | 15:55

whats ur result, richard ?

21.04.09 | 07:28

well, i gotta say - this is GREAT !!!

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