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    uploaded by redpepper007 on 08.01.09 @ 19:14

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Anti Touch v2.0 {ALARM AND DISALARM BY MOVEMENT And PASSWORD}Update 10/11/08

Anti Touch by Marcelo Tinoco

1- Option of choice to enable and disable the alarm by two methods: Password and Movement. Currently, it is the only app in the world that has 2 options for arming and disarming the alarm. If enabled by password, just after entering the correct password the app will end after armed. If activated by movement will require coordinated 2 movements for the phone recognize these 2 movements to exit the app.
2- Once you entered the password, it will be stored in a hidden folder system and without access, which from next time you open the app is no need to reenter your password, which you enter the password only when you open the app if you want change the password before.
3- Option "Exit without star” for cases where you have chosen the field of "Options for alarm ” one of the 2 options (Password or Movement) and want to close the app pieces without it, because if you wanted to quit the app after choosing one of these 2 options mentioned above would have to click in "Start” so to exit, where with this option of "Exit without start” there is no such need.
4- Unable to change any option after a preferred option was chosen, that is, since the "Options for alarm” was chosen among "Password” or "Movement”, Another option may not be chosen not to conflict with app and disable your security, where you will see the message "Access Denied !!” if you try to change the option.
5- Unable to change any option after the app was started, had cases where drive by password on that after the alarm was triggered, the person hinders again in the "Options for alarm” and then "Password” and was to change the password for a new number and just type this number again in the "Exit” to disarm the app. Now, this no longer is possible, because after the app was started, any change is prohibited, which appears to message "Access Denied !!” if you try to change anything.
6- Once the app is started, the screen becomes FULL, preventing from appearing in a visible the options "Menu” and "Exit” for those who tamper with the appliance and trigger the alarm, where the person is not ‘ll see these options that appear in the bottom right and left before the app be started. The options are still there and active, but are hidden by screen-mode FULL. For you disarm the app in the "Password”, just click the blue key that is toward the corner bottom right is where it is hidden the "Exit” and enter the correct password.
7- There is no need to install on any folder on the phone the sound file called "Alarm.mp3″ and the file "Picture.jpg” already be installed directly by the app, thereby avoiding some mistakes in installation that some people were commenting on the not install these files in the folders that I stated before. The option to customize continues this, and the place where these 2 files is no longer the same, and informed below if you want to customize the app with other sounds or other image.
8- Introduction of Self-Installation in Memory of Mobile in the act of installing the device, or words, even if you, mistakenly, want to click in the "Memory Card” when in the facility already inside the unit, it will not offer you more this option, since installing direct phone’s memory.

Anti Touch app was created from the need for a full app to trigger an alarm to move around in our smartphones without our permission and was asked by several people in our communities and our Orkut forum, where from other Similar previously created apps and still incomplete, we created this, functional and complete. It triggers an audible alarm activated when someone moves the unit, identified by the movement of Accelerometer of the smartphone, only stopping for alarm if the person enter a password that you pre-determines opening the app.

Usage instructions:

By opening the app, go to "Options” and "Settings” and enter a whole number in the option "Sensitivity”, where we insert the number "9″, and that is not mandatory, where you enter the number you want between "0″ and "9″;

Then, still within "Settings”, introduce a password in "Password”;

Now click in "Start” and place your smartphone in position and
location that you want it to be resting and with the app in activity.

If someone move the smartphone, the alarm will be operated and
will only be finalized if you or the person who operated, click in "Options” and "Exit” and enter the password that you created when you open the app. Even if you or the person click on the red button END, the app will work, where you should enter the area where show the apps downloads (using Taskman or the system of the proper equipment) and activate it again, and then enter the password on "Options” and "Exit” to quit the app itself.

To you exit the app without to select "Start” and started the Alarm, just click "Exit” and type any number in the "Password” that the app will end.

Differences and advantages over other similar apps:

1) You can customize it now in a much more simple, where not even put the picture and sound
the alarm within the app if you want to customize already in the facility,you can already do
it in very simple. If you do not want, I'm sending a picture that is the same as the icon of
the app and sound the alarm for you install a particular folder that will be explained in
this file "Read Me" which follows along with the app.

2) In my app, if someone moves the cell and activate the alarm ,if try to turn off the app
or exit the app pressing the red button (END) to finalize it will not do, continuing with the
sound of alarm.

3) To exit the app, the person has to know the password that you made when you open the app,
otherwise the alarm will be ringing continuously.

4) All commands in English.

5) The app now follows with its own icon, not the symbol of Python, as in other similar apps.

900 kb

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09.02.09 | 09:54

u have accelerometer? is ur phone hacked? see here: http://redpepper007.ucoz.com/news/1-0-1

07.02.09 | 17:51

it doesnt work says that i have not permisions

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