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BuzzBox News v1.0.3
Requirements: All Android versions.
Overview: Get the Top News Today Personalized for You. Best news widgets and notifications on the market.

Top Features
·Select from over 2000 sources or add your own
·We rank stories higher if more of your sources write about the same story
·Dashboard lets you go Top Stories, All Stories or Sorted by Category/Source
·Get notifications on stories with keywords you select or on new top stories
·Full news text in app, no need to leave app
·Favorite stories you want to read later
·Many different news widgets: 2x2,3x3,4x4,4x1 widgets
·Light,Dark,Black & Pink themes
·Share on Twitter & it autofills with title, source, topic hashtags & link
·Share on Facebook, Email, SMS, MMS, etc.
·Save profile by creating an account
·Also view on web by going to BuzzBox - Filtering the Top News Stories for You 
·Get own personalized RSS reader feed for iGoogle, google reader or other feed readers

How does it work?
Instead of trusting one news source, trust a group of news sources that you choose.
BuzzBox looks at all the sources to see what they are writing about.
We see when different sources are writing about the same story.
If they are the same, we group the stories together so you don't get repeats.
We also rank that story higher with more stars.
If you go to "Top Stories", you'll see rankings of top stories only, so you can quickly get up to date.

How do I add Sources?
Go to the "My Sources" icon and see what you already selected, change that or press "Add Sources"
·Search for news sources you want from our 2000 selected
·Add website URL, feed URL or RSS feed URL to add a source you want

Will I get overwhelmed if I select too many sources?
No. When you select a source, you can choose "All" or "Top".
"All" gives you every story from the source, so you only do this for your favorite ones.
"Top" gives only popular stories, so add as many of these as you want.
Also, since we cluster similar stories from different sources, you won't get as much.
Also ranking lets you quickly get to good stories.

Other Cool Features:
·"Auto Mark as Read" as you scroll
·Downloads entire text onto site, auto in settings
·Offline reading enabled with background updates
·Detailed control of notification alerts like beep, blink or vibrate
·Detailed control of times, pick a repeated time period, specific time, specific days and times to sleep.
·Control size by the storage limit

What sources can I select?
We have a wide range of sources in different categories: 
US news, world news, politics news,tech news,celeb news,business news,sports news,health news,gaming news.

US News Sections:
- Newspaper: NYTimes,USA Today,LA Times, & more newspaper
- TV: CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more tv news
- Mag: Time,Newsweek,Economist & more news mags
- Int: BBC,Guardian & more

Business News Sections:
- Newspaper: NYTimes,WSJ,LA Times & more newspaper
- TV: CNBC,CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more tv business news
- Mag: Time,Newsweek,Economist,Financial Times,BusinessWeek & more business news mags
- Int: BBC,Guardian & more
- Blog: The Street,Zero Hedge & more news blogs

Celeb News Sections:
- Newspaper: NYTimes,Washington Post,LA Times & more newspaper
- TV: CNN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more tv news
- Mag: GQ,Vanity Fair,Variety,Esquire,Harpar's Bazar & more news mags
- Int: BBC,Mirror,OK! & more
- Blog: Perez Hilton,TMZ,MTV,Extra,E!Online & more news blogs

Sports News Sections:
- Newspaper: NYTimes,USA Today,LA Times & more sports newspaper
- TV: ESPN,CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more sports news
- Mag: ESPN Mag,Sports Ill.,Golf more sports mags
- Int: BBC,Sky & more sports
- Blog: Bleacher Report,Sports Biz & more sports blogs

Politics News Sections:
- Newspaper: NYTimes,Washington Post,LA Times & more politics newspaper
- TV: CBS,ABC,NBC,Fox & more politics tv
- Mag: Time,Newsweek,National Review & more politics mags
- Int: BBC,Guardian & more
- Blog: drudge,daily kos,politico,huffington & more politics blogs

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