BlackBaller SMS & Call Filter v1.4.9

Requirements: Android
Overview: The Most Powerful, Feature Packed Call & SMS Filter Available

The Original Call & SMS Blocker / Filter with automatic SMS Auto Reply is now available for Android! Block Annoying Callers and Spam SMS's & Calls. Powerful and extremely flexible to suit all your Call & SMS Blocking Needs! Also perfect for your SMS Privacy Needs.

> Super Fast Filter / Block Calls & SMS
> Option for direct rejecting (with optional number of rings), mute ring tone & Answer/Reject (so the caller won't be taken to voice mail)
> Supports both Black Lists & White Lists (Blacklists = numbers you want to filter. White List = Filter all calls EXCEPT numbers on your list)
> Set up Filters to function at a preset Time, Day or Profile
> Auto Reply to any blocked Call or SMS via a preset Auto Reply. Support for multiple Auto Replies and Auto Reply delays (a BlackBaller Exclusive Feature!)
> Dynamic Auto Reply feature for SMS's allows you to trigger your auto replies based on a keyword or keyphrase found in the message text.
> Filter contacts, patterns, private/unavailable Numbers, non-contacts, from your call words, based on a keyword (for SMS's) or Numbers that come in as letters (ie network Spam SMS's) with support for Wild Cards!
> Optionally Password Protect the Application
> Detailed Log of each filtered/blocked event which makes BlackBaller Perfect for using as an SMS privacy tool so you can keep certain SMS's tucked discreetly away in the app and not your inbox!
- Our Exclusive Spam Database feature allows you to report Spam Numbers to our DB as well as download known Spam Numbers for your country for Automatic Mobile Spam Protection.
- Optional Smart Reject Feature prompts you to add any manually rejected calls to your filter.

What's in this version:
Minor bug fixes