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  redpepper007 Date: Thursday, 13.10.11, 16:28 | Message # 1
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I'll try to be as specific as possible just to avoid any unnecessary text. I know that noone likes to read too much nowadays :D

Last updated [13.10.2011]

1) Symbian OS versions

The first thing you should know is what Symbian OS version is your phone running. That could be either s60v1, s60v2, s60v3, s60v5 or Symbian^3, Anna, Belle. You can find it out by clicking here

It is important to know your OS version because it depends what applications, games, mods, etc your phone supports. For example, there are many applications that run only on s60v5 but not on s60v3. That is why most Symbian sites usually sort their uploaded files and we are no exception.

But before you start downloading, there's still some more things you need to know.

2) Symbian supported filetypes (aka extension, format):

.sis, .sisx [Symbian installation files]
.jar, .jad [Java installation files]
.zip [archives]
... and of course all kinds of music, video, image files

But it is not a big deal if your device doesn't supports the filetype you need, because you can always install some applications that will do the thing.

Most often (especially if you are looking for full version, cracked stuff) you will end up downloading .rar file instead of .sis or something. It is an archive you can extract needed files from. More information: click here WinRar, 7Zip and others can do this.

3) Signed and Unsigned

This is very important if you are going to install some extra stuff on your device apart of the pre-installed applications (apps), games, themes. If you have browsed some Symbian downloads sites then probably noticed words ''signed'' or ''unsigned'' in the titles. Well, briefly, you can install any ''signed'' file whenever you wish, without getting any errors or something. But, when trying to install ''unsigned'' file, the device will shout ''Expired Certificate!'' (or other very annoying error messages) and won't install anything at all.

There were such thing as ''signing unsigned files'', which successfully helped people all over the world by allowing to sign any unsigned file in a few seconds. A few months ago this service was stopped and now there is absolutely no way you will ever get a fully functioning certificate (.cer and .key files) for your personal needs.

But there is a solution - hacking your phone. Hack it in 5 minutes and you can install anything you wish, no matter whether it is signed or unsigned. Here we have a list of the best hacking tutorials: click here. Hacking does not harm your phone!

4) Downloading and installing the file on phone

There are tons of sites with Symbian downloads and you can use the best - ours :) It is located on the main horizontal menu named ''Downloads'', or by clicking here

When you have successfully downloaded what you like and got the needed files, it is time to move them to the phone. You can do this in many ways, for example:

- connecting your phone to PC with usb cable and then copying the files
- transferring them via bluetooth
- uploading on the internet and then downloading from phone
- using usb cable and Nokia OVI suite
- etc

When copied, just locate the file with the built-in file manager and launch it. I'm sure you will figure out the following steps. When installed, a new icon will appear in your menu (if it's application, game, widget or something), for themes there will be no icon, but a new option in the ''Themes'' settings.

... to be continued ...

© redpepper007

  gr8sight Date: Thursday, 29.12.11, 10:32 | Message # 2

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please have more explanation about symbian OS platform.....thanks in adavance
  redpepper007 Date: Monday, 02.01.12, 19:48 | Message # 3
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gr8sight, like what?

  kent Date: Monday, 09.01.12, 21:11 | Message # 4

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all symbian os...old and new :)

"No Impossible in Possible"
  Sweety97 Date: Monday, 23.01.12, 18:14 | Message # 5

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Thanks looks great for newbiess
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