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How to request for Certification and How to sign
  redpepper007 Date: Sunday, 09.10.11, 18:33 | Message # 1
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Here is a video tutorial with all the steps easy. This is how you get your certification and key from OPDA. Then you also learn to sign, this is a great tutorial and is concentrated to people who can't hack their device.

Everything from a text tutorial to downloading needed applications can be find in the description. But the video really shows you how to easily sign and request so don't worry.

Press here to go to the tutorial

Tip: Watch in HD Resolution - You will see everything!

Video Info:

This will fix "Certification Error" and takes only few minutes

Easy step-by-step tutorial on how to request for a certification and key from OPDA in this video. I will also show you how to sign an unsigned application or game. To sign applications I use sis-signer, to get sis signer look for the link below. Signing takes only few minutes, it's the Why process to get the certification and key which takes time.

Q: What is certification?
A: Certification is when an accredited third party application assesses their management system and issues a certificate to show that the organization abides by the principles set out in the standard, and thus follows industry best practice.

Q: Why sign?
A: By signing you input a certification into the unsigned application which allows it to be installed into the device.


Signing an application is 100% harmless for the application and for your device.


Tutorial: - Looks like many steps, But I only made them more to make it easier -

1) Go to http://cer.opda.cn/en/
2) Create a new account by clickin' "Register"
- Account Name: (A name that fits you)
- Password: (A safe word so only you can access your account)
- Confirm Password: (Write the password again so you are sure you wrote right)
- Email: (An electronic contact address if you lose your password)
- Safe Code: (This protects the registration server from misuse)
3) Press the "Submit" button
4) If you are not automatically logged in, then login.
5) Press "My Certificate"
6) Press the "Apply Cer" button (Yellow)
7) Now, apply for your certification and key
- Model: (Write your phone model)
- IMEI: (Write your IMEI number)
- Confirm IMEI: (Write the same IMEI number to be sure you wrote right)
- Remark: (Here you can write anything)
8) Press "Submit Application" button
9) Then go to "My Certificate" again
10) Under "Operate" you find ".cer", press on that [DON'T PRESS SIGNING]
11) Save the ".cer" file where ever you want [SO YOU CAN FIND IT LATER]
12) Press ".key"
13) Save the ".key" file at the same place you saved ".cer"


1) To sign the application you need a signing program. I use SIS-Signer (it can also sign ".sisx" files)
2) In the first column browse for your ".key" file
3) In the second column browse for you ".cer" file
4) In the third column write the password, which is "12345678"
5) In the last column browse for the application or game you want to sign
6) Now press the button to the right lower corner, wait until it says "press any key" and then hit enter(or any other key)
7) Now press the button to the left lower corner, wait until it says "press any key" then hit enter(or any other key)

Forum »   Symbian zone » Tutorials | How to » How to request for Certification and How to sign
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