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Overclock Your and make your slow phone faster
  redpepper007 Date: Friday, 07.10.11, 12:02 | Message # 1
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If your mobile phone is very slow or not as fast as you expect, did you ever imagine overclocking your Symbian S60v3 mobile phone like overlocking a computer and enjoy a higher speed when use your mobile phone?Don't know how? Well here is how.

This is for only for people with experience in overclock.It's same as on computer,when you overclock your mobile phone too much,it will become very hot and unstable.It can also be damaged.So overclock little and your phone will be safe and faster a lot!By default nokia s60v3 phones are very cold and can be overclocked very good.I overclock both of my phones n73 and n95 and they are pretty much faster.I noticed that in menu,gallery,games... But you must be very careful if you set very high number,your mobile processor can be ,if you know what I mean.Who don't know much about overclock do not do this.So for everyone who know what I was talking and understand overclock do this:

First step :You have to enter 'private' folder in C:\ on your phone.

2nd step : Click Capoff then use X-plore only,because it is only file manager that can open file that I will mention below.Other can't due to security issue.

3rd step : C:\private\10202be9\20001079.txt, cursor it and click 8 to edit it.

4th step : Find the line that shown at the attached pic, change the 332, to any higher number then click menu and save it.I trying 500, which is a lot and I hope nobody will put anything over this mark.You may try yourself to find the best safe and fast solution for your s60v3 device,but please backup the 20001079.txt first*Somebody will get higher clock than someone else on same model of phone,but don't worry,because not everyone's chip is the same.

Symbian s60v3 overclocking

That's all.Just be careful.
Enjoy in your fast overclocked s60v3 phone.

Attention, I will not be responsible to any software or hardware loss or damage, try this at your own risk. Good luck!!!It really worked for my 5320 XM.

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Forum »   Symbian zone » Tutorials | How to » Overclock Your and make your slow phone faster
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