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[HOT] Basic Terms and Definitions
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The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) allows you to run shell commands, manage the state, port forwarding and copy files to/from an emulator or device.

An operating system along with software that is contained on a devices Read-only memory (ROM). A custom ROM can include modified settings to the OS and include root access, modified recovery, theme and collection of applications.

The kernel is a program that constitutes the central core of a computer operating system. It has complete control over everything that occurs in the system.

A flashable zip file that changes the appearance of the phone. Often contains a boot animation and/or a boot logo as well.

Process of loading custom software onto the phone.

Recovery Mode:
Used to backup/restore,wipe,apply roms, kernels, themes, and updates. Once you are rooted, for the transform there are 2, ClockworkMod Recovery and Vampirefo Recovery. To get into recovery mode hold down the volume down, voice search, and power keys. Scroll with the volume keys. For CWM recovery, the camera key selects and for Vampirefo's Recovery, the menu soft-key selects.

Download Mode:
Used for flashing .tar files with SWupdater. To get into download mode, hold down the volume down, camera, and power keys.

Boot logo:
The first image displayed when turning on your phone. The stock one says SAMSUNG with a grey loading bar beneath it. Applying one greater than 130 kb in size will most likely brick your phone.

Boot Animation:
The animation that comes after the boot logo. The stock one is in the system/media folder and is called bootani.qmg. The stock boot sound is in the system/etc folder and is called poweron.snd. New ones can be applied by flashing a zip.

Dead phone. Cannot reach download mode or recovery mode and cannot power on. Caused by having a wrong tar in Program Files\Samsung Electronics\SWUpgrade\Models\Binary, having multiple tars in there, or having an unzipped or otherwise messed up tar in there. Also can be caused by flashing a boot logo above 130 kb. If you have a bricked phone....good luck.


SEE OTHER GUIDES FOR MORE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE THIS. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING BECAUSE IF USED INCORRECTLY, SWUPDATER WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE. Basically, take a correct .tar file and put it in Program Files\Samsung Electronics\SWUpgrade\Models\Binary then run the program.

2.1 Transform Baseband number

2.2 Transform Baseband number

Minor update to EB28, officially pulled because some people had problems. Fixed some modem issues and lessened boot-up times.

Stock Deodex Theme Template:
Flash before flashing a theme. Not necessary after already flashing a theme but some theme elements may remain after flashing a theme over another one. Flash this before flashing a new theme if you want a clean start.

Filesystem Conversion:
Stock is RFS. System, Data, and Cache can all be converted to ext2 or ext4. Preferred setup is usually all on ext4 or system ext2, data and cache ext4. These mostly give faster boot-up times.
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edited the text a bit and made thread ''sticky''

Forum »   Android zone » Tutorials | How to » [HOT] Basic Terms and Definitions (of Android phones)
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